• SarahGeorge

Photos on your phone

Need some photos of your business or products for your website or other marketing materials? Sometimes in an effort to save money, business owners take their own photos for use in promotional material.  

If you are using photos from your phone for your website or other printed materials, follow these tips to avoid disaster:

1. If you are taking a photo that you know you intend to use on the site or in printed material, make sure to change the settings on your camera app to the highest quality. 

2. Make sure your lens is clean. And get the case and your fingers out of the way!

3. Use general principles for taking good photo's - lighting, composition, background, etc...

4. Don't use the zoom! End of discussion. Just don't use it. Move if you need to get closer. 

5. Experiment. 

6. Edit the photos one your computer, not on your phone. 

7. Transfer photos  to your computer using a USB cable, Google Drive or other similar service, or email the photo to yourself. Do NOT use photos that have been sent via text. Text messaging compresses the photos and compromises the quality. 

8. Don't make the picture larger than it will look good. If the photo is only 400px X 400px don't try to make it larger. It will look bad.

9. Get a second opinion before you go live. Test your photos in draft or edit view and have a friend look them over. 

10. Sometimes you just need to hire a photographer. If you need a large photo or a photo that a site visitor can zoom in on - hire a professional. If your budget won't allow it, try reaching out to a local college or school to use their photography students. 

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