Switching to Three

Keeping your number

To keep your current number when you switch to Three, you’ll need a PAC (Port Authorisation Code).

How to get a PAC

Leaving your number behind

To leave your number with your old provider, you’ll need a STAC (Service Termination Code).

How to get a STAC

More information on switching

Find out more about switching to Three, get help with the switching process and see useful FAQs.

Moving within Three

Already with us and want to move over to Pay Monthly, Pay As You Go or one of our business plans? No worries - please contact us.


Switching to a different Three account

Already with us and want to move to a Pay Monthly, Pay As You Go, or a business plan? 
Contact us and we’ll go through your options with you. 

Leaving Three

Cancelling your account doesn’t have to be painful. You can do it online, by text, or by phone.

Find out how to get a PAC or STAC or leave Three without one. 

How to get a PAC or STAC when leaving Three

Why Three?

Frequently asked questions

PAC stands for Porting Authorisation Code. You’ll need a PAC to switch to our network and keep your number. 

A PAC gives us permission to transfer your mobile number to the Three network and close your account with your existing provider at the same time. 

Switching to Three is easy: 
1. Get a PAC code from your old provider 
2. Activate your new Three SIM 
3. Fill out our switching form 
Your new SIM must be activated by 17:00 on the last working day before your number is transferred. For example, if your transfer is scheduled to take place on a Monday, your SIM would need to be activated by 17:00 on the previous Friday. 

To activate your new Three SIM, put it into your device and switch it on. When you see signal bars, that’s your SIM activated. You might need to switch Wi-Fi off to see the signal bars. 

STAC is short for Service Termination Authorisation Code. 

Not everyone wants to keep their old number when switching networks. A STAC lets you switch over to Three and get a brand new number from us. 

Switching to Three with a STAC is easy. 
1. Get a STAC from your old provider 
2. Fill out our switching form

To find out if you’ll be charged by your old provider for closing your account or if you’ve got anything outstanding to pay, text INFO to 85075 from the number you want to keep. Sending this message is free. 

Please note: If you’ve got multiple lines with your old provider, you may need to contact them directly for more information.