A rush hour you’ll love

Whether it's catching up on the group chats, checking your emails, or scrolling the socials - now you can do it all while travelling. Here's where you can currently get connected on the Tube:​

• Archway
• Notting Hill Gate
• Tufnell Park
• Camden Town
• Mornington Crescent
• Euston
• Oxford Circus
• Tottenham Court Road

• Kentish Town
• Queensway
• Holland Park

Travel with our growing 5G network

Some of London's biggest stations are already connected, and there'll be more to come soon.​ So you can answer that email, respond on Teams, chat, scroll and more while you’re on-the-go.

The UK’s Fastest 5G Network

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Life Needs a Big Network

Life isn’t just about the big things – it’s everything else in between. Live your best phone life on the UK’s Fastest 5G Network.

Based on analysis by Ookla® of Speedtest Intelligence® data for Q1-Q2 2021 to Q3-Q4 2023. Ookla trademarks used under license and reprinted with permission. Visit speedtest.net/awards/fastest-5g to find out more. See three.co.uk/bignetwork.

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How to connect, Underground

If your phone is already connected with 4G or 5G while you’re out and about, then as long as you’ve got data, you’ll be able to continue using your phone as normal in the stations and tunnels that we cover.

If you need to connect to Wi-Fi, then once you're at a participating station, switch on Wi-Fi and connect to Three_WIFI. Check out our Wi-Fi on the London Underground support page for more information.

  1. Make sure you have iOS 15.4 or later installed
  2. Switch on your device and connect automatically

  1. Turn on Wi-Fi
  2. Select THREE_WIFI
  3. Set ‘access method’ to EAP
  4. Set ‘EAP method’ to SIM

Why Three?

Frequently asked questions

You won’t need to do anything. When you enter one of the selected Underground stations with 4G or 5G coverage, your phone will stay connected to our network. It’ll be as though you’re still outside.

We're regularly activating 4G and 5G at more Underground stations, and we’ll be connected throughout the London Underground by the end of 2024. So far, you can enjoy a seamless 4G and 5G experience at the below stations across platforms, ticket halls and hallways between lines (unless stated) :

  • Archway
  • Notting Hill Gate
  • Tuffnell Park
  • Camden Town
  • Mornington Crescent
  • Euston
  • Oxford Circus – Central line
  • Tottenham Court Road

And you can get connected on 4G at:

  • Kentish Town
  • Queensway
  • Holland Park

We’re planning to expand our network across the London Underground for uninterrupted connection throughout stations and in between. You’ll be able to keep scrolling, emailing, and tapping from your walk to the station, down the escalator, on the train, and onto the next stop without interruptions. Right now, we’re already providing 4G coverage between the below stations:

  • Central line between Oxford Circus and Tottenham Court Road
  • Northern line between,  Mornington Crescent, Euston, Camden Town and Tufnell Park
  • Central line between Holland Park, Notting Hill Gate, and Queensway.

Yes, Three’s 5G network can get you connected across a range of London Underground stations. We’re developing our London Underground coverage so that by the end of 2024, our combined 4G and 5G network will cover you across all Tube stations and tunnels.

Yes, Three’s 4G network is available at selected London Underground stations and tunnels - see ‘Which stations have 4G or 5G coverage?’ above. We’re working hard to implement full coverage across all Tube stations and tunnels.

We’re working hard to expand our 4G and 5G networks across the London Underground. We’ll update this page as new stations get connected, so keep checking back.

Whether your commute is 9 minutes or 90, you’ll be able to keep connected to the things that are important to you. Dial into that Teams call. Scroll your socials. Catch up on emails. Keep on top of the latest football transfer gossip. And check in with the family, all while travelling.